our history


In 2011 a weekly showcase was started at a punk bar called the Sinking Ship. This is where Rocketship Comedy began. This weekly comedy show that Rocketship Comedy founder Cam O’Connor started saw many legends hit it’s stage, such as Doug Stanhope, Kyle Kinane, and much more. Every week, loads of people filed into this punk bar to watch the best comedy the Midwest and further had to offer in Indianapolis. This show unfortunately ended, but Rocketship grew further.

Rocketship Comedy is a banner that represents high quality, independent stand up comedy shows in Indianapolis. Stand up comedy is rising again, and we are doing everything we can to have a great stand up comedy scene in this city. Showcasing comedians from all across the country, and sprinkling in our best locals, we always have a professional show.

Rocketship still runs it’s weekly showcase, having moved to different venues since it’s creation in 2011, every Sunday. We’ve also added several monthly showcases, and now, a festival!